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The Future Of Healthcare

Revolutionising the synergy between patients and doctors, our vision is clear. We aim to inspire futuristic healthcare that is accessible to all. With CliniQ, you can unify all roles of your practice, provide advanced clinical care and bypass various redundant tasks via a dynamic dashboard. The application is designed for practitioners and patients to seamlessly communicate, exchange medical records and information.

Upgrade Your Consultation

Take Your Medical Practice Online

The Practice Management System is a powerful, cost-effective software that caters to a medical professional's every need. Created to upgrade your practice into a more accessible and efficient one.
Features include:
Facilitate flexible patient engagement via video
Renew Prescriptions
Manage requests & renewals online
Seamless Billing & Payment
Automated inventory, scheduling, billings and due dates
Focus On Healthcare, We’ll Manage The Rest

Experience Contactless Care

Consult Medical
Professionals From Home

Schedule tele-consultations, electronically avail prescriptions and take healthcare into your hands with the CliniQ app.
Features include:
  • Discover Doctors Near You
  • Full Access to Diagnostics & E-Prescriptions
  • Manage Insurance Details
  • Discover The Power Of Connected Healthcare

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    Tele-Consultation During Covid 19 - Health ministry approves use of telemedicine to treat virus patients
    Tele-Consultation During Covid 19 - The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with NITI Aayog on Wendesday release the official guidelines for telemedicine practice in the country

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